Margot Robbie apparently underwent extensive cosmetic surgery to resemble Barbie.

Cosmetic surgery influencer Dana Omari Harrell reiterated her allegation from over a year ago that Margot Robbie, the heroine of Greta Gerwig's "Barbie," supposedly underwent a significant transformation to match the iconic doll in a recent Instagram post.

On The Dream Bigger Podcast, Siffat Haider questioned Harrell about her favorite celebrity makeover, and she immediately mentioned Robbie.

Harrell, though, insists that he isn't there to bash Robbie and that the actress "still looks natural" despite the "incredible work." Even at the beginning of her caption, she mentions "the always gorgeous Margot Robbie."

Along with numerous then-and-now photos of Robbie, Harrell also meticulously details what she thinks Robbie has undergone over the years to reach her present Barbie appearance in the post's caption.

Margot Robbie and Barbie

"She has had an upper bleph (especially removing some fat under her brow), undereye filler or other augmentation, a minimal brow lift, cheek augmentation, buccal fat removal, lip filler, nose job thinning her tip, and nose job reducing the width of her nostrils," she stated.

Response to a request for comment from Robbie's team was lacking.

The abbreviation "Bleph" stands for "blepharoplasty," a procedure used to treat abnormalities of the upper and/or lower eyelids. Harrell claims Robbie underwent an upper blepharoplasty, which can involve removing extra fat around the eyes, correcting sagging eyelids, and strengthening the muscle that opens the eyes.

A surgery to thin the cheeks, specifically in the cheek hollows, is known as buccal fat removal.

Robbie's "chin has added a little volume," according to Harrell, "as her chin has more length now." Botox can also be used sparingly, "just enough to soften but not enough to prevent movement."

In her caption, Harrell tagged Lorry Hill and referenced and agreed with Hill's assertion that something had been done to alter "her eye shape a little bit."

Hill frequently deconstructs purported celebrity makeovers on her YouTube channel. Her most recent video analyzes whether Robbie's appearance is synthetic, natural, or both.

Hill, like Harrell, isn't here to criticize Robbie for her new appearance because it keeps her looking "exceptionally beautiful."

Hill wrote, "New YouTube Celeb analysis; the gorgeous Margot Robbie!" as the caption of a photo she sent to Instagram promoting her Robbie video. People seemed to react strongly to this one.

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